Meeting for corporate worship on Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

​​​​​​​We will be following the guidelines established by Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn.  All worshippers are asked to follow those health guidelines.  Those persons with pre-existing conditions are encouraged to stay at home for their well being and safety.

Rev. Dan L. Young, Lead Pastor

To all who would worship with us at First United Brethren Church:

♦  First UB will be reopening for worship on May 31st at 10:00 A.M.
♦  Sunday School will open at a later date.
♦  All participants are to practice social distancing, to wear masks, to observe the seating
    arrangements,  and to go directly to their seats
♦  Offerings will be received in the offering boxes at the only two entry doors, and may be given either 
    before or after the service.
♦  There will be no communal food or drinks in the building, and all water fountains will be covered.
♦  Holy Communion will be offered at a later date.
♦  Following the benediction, ushers will dismiss each row, starting from the back.  The center aisle only
    will be used for dismissal so that social distancing can occur.  One may enter on the outside aisles, 
    but only exit using the center aisle.
♦  Persons desiring prayer or counsel are welcome to stay in their pew following the service and an 
    Elder or prayer personnel wearing a mask and gloves will join them there. 
♦  Pastor Young will not need to wear a mask while preaching, as the social distancing is done by virtue
    of the pulpit.  He will wear a mask when on the main floor, or when he is around congregants.
♦  We are grateful for the opportunity to return to collective worship, and also grateful for every
    participant.  We only ask each individual to decide on his/her need to be present.  We are all  
    partakers of the grace of God, and desire that no one should feel guilty if circumstances prevent
    them from worshipping collectively.
♦  It is our prayer that these necessary precautions will be relaxed, and that we can return to a less 
    restricted environment in due time. 
♦  We want to thank all who have continued giving for your support and faithfulness.

   The Board of Administration